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Original Oil on Canvas
66cm x 66cm

If ever there was a depiction of an Atlantic Cottage that rings true to life, its this one. Nestled into the hillside, over looking the Wild Atlantic Coastline, with its rust coloured roof and cute outhouses – you are transported to the West Coast of Ireland.

Padraig McCaul’s striking art work has the ability to complement any art collection …and indeed has already earned its place in the collections of many discerning art buyers across the country and beyond.

Throughout his accomplished career, Padraig has always had a very distinctive style and consistently displays a strikingly deep colour palette; indeed a palette that really and truly brings the West alive in each and every painting. His work is instantly recognisable in ones home, or place of work, as being a ‘Padraig McCaul’ piece.

‘’But it’s the west of Ireland landscapes in particular that I’m drawn to. To me they are what Ireland is all about, and there is an energy and a sense of timelessness in them that I try to get across in my paintings’’ Padraig McCaul 

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