Approaching Storm at Loop Head

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Approaching Storm at Loop Head



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  • Original Art
  • Framed
  • Would make a fantastic impactful piece in any space, public or private.

One of the best moments for us in the Gallery was when we asked Mark Eldred about displaying his work here and he announced that not only did he know and love Loop Head and had spent many visits here walking the dramatic coastline, but he had also completed some Loop Head inspired paintings and he would be delighted for us to display them. Serendipity for sure. This particular painting took our breath away. There is no sight that we are more familiar with here, than those rumblings in the Atlantic of an approaching storm. The mist that rolls in, the white horses that start to break across the sea, the birds all coming inland before the winds hit and finally the sea spray that reaches dizzy heights as they break in over the cliffs and sometimes across the fields. At the bigger end of the scale, this piece is worth it on impact alone. Stunning original work.


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