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Sculptor at Work – Black & White Limited Edition Art Poster



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An exciting opportunity to own a collectable Art Poster – Sculptor at Work

To Note:  (a) Posters are un-framed and in tubes (b) Posters are large at 24″ x 36″ (standard sizes)

These posters are individually signed by the artist and gallery stamped for authentication. 

Limited-Edition, Art Posters are an exciting way to grow and add further interesting elements to your personal art collection – (and they are brilliant for placing in trickier to decorate areas such as your home office or Den, or along the walls of corridors). A poster is generally a window to your cultural interests, places you’ve travelled, shows you may have attended, or simply things you are passionate about – and people love to enquire about a framed poster’s significance to you.

Art Collectors quite regularly seek out limited edition ART POSTERS at auctions and sales, but especially ones with unique provenance, just like this one.

Seamus Connolly, is one of Ireland’s LEADING sculptors. This gorgeous black and white poster image, offers a rare glimpse into his studio while a piece is being created. The piece Connolly is working on in the image is a whippet sculpture – being worked on here, in wax, prior to being cast into bronze.

Poster is signed by the artist himself and authenticated with a gallery stamp at the back.

About the Artist: Connolly is part of an artistically renowned family.  A second-generation sculptor, he built up his own bronze foundry, with his dad, sculptor, Jim Connolly. Seamus himself is one of Ireland’s leading, much admired, portrait sculptors.  Much of his work consists of commemorative, life-size bronze statues, erected in various locations around Ireland. Seamus is most famous for this, his Co. Limerick statue of the late US President, John F Kennedy, (seen here) but also, for his Páidí Ó Sé statue in Ventry, Co. Kerry, his statue of a young Richard Harris in Kilkee, Co. Clare, his statue of Irish playwright John B Keane, his statue of Limerick hurler Mick Mackey, his bronze bust in Thomond Park of Anthony ‘Axel’ Foley and indeed many more. His smaller more stylized animal sculptures have been sold far and wide, internationally to both domestic and corporate collectors of his work.

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