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41″(104cm) x 41″(104cm) – measurements include the frame (large just over a metre x metre piece)

It’s the light that is most extraordinary in this painting; the artists handling of that shaft of light beaming down across the rocks, illuminating some of the rock face and the water that is smashing between the crevice in the cliff – and equally, the importance of the shade, the darkness where the rocks remain in the shadows. The warmth of the sun is almost palpable. Ivan Daly is such an extraordinary talent.

This is another big piece by Ivan, coming in at just over a metre squared – and is incredibly impressive hanging.


Ivan has an upward trajectory, is showcasing in galleries around Ireland and having rapidly carved a niche and style that is intrinsically his, he is fast becoming hugely sought after. Discerning collectors will watch closely.

Ivan Daly – Irish Contemporary artist – original oil on canvas – large piece – hugely collectable artist – loop head – framed work – headland – seascape – off collectors’ interest

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