Mary Roberts

Past works

Mary Roberts

The Falls - Mary Roberts - €220

In her own words:
“A native of Co Clare,  grew up in Ballyvaughan, surrounded by sea and rock. The landscape was something I probably took for granted, until I moved away and came back to it. I then realised the strong hold and influence it had on me and inevitably, my art. It is a landscape that is continually changing, depending on the season, the time of day and just how high or low that cloud cover is.
Light is something that fascinates me constantly, how it hits a mountain, bounces off the sea, sneaks its way through the branches of a tree, it’s what turns an ordinary scene into something special and captivating.

There are a couple of mediums that I like to work in, each with its own merits. Oil paint was my first love, and I will continue to love it. The other, alcohol ink, came into my life in 2017 and very quickly intrigued me. It was a voyage of discovery and has proven to be a continuous exploration which can be both frustrating and rewarding, but never boring.

There is always something new that can shine inspiration on an artist’s work, and I look forward to watching out for whatever that may be” . 

Artist: Mary Roberts