Current Works

  • Rebekah Van Kan for Kilbaha Gallery Napoleon The Irish Cob equestrian horse pony horse art painting Ireland Kilbaha Gallery

    Napoleon The Irish Cob

  • Jesse – Connemara Filly on a Sunny Morning

  • Murphy – Connemara in a Ray of Light


Past Works

No previous works.

Rebekah van Kan

Born and raised in the Wicklow Mountains, Rebekah has always been captivated by the native breeds and wildlife that have populated her life and so her work naturally gravitates to all things Irish fauna. Her love for her subjects can be seen clearly in every brush stroke.

’There is always a moment when you’re working with an animal, sometimes it takes only a minute and sometimes it can take a few visits, but when it happens, you both see each other in fullness. It’s lovely. In that moment of acceptance you can see all their little tensions release, all their concerns disappear and they show you how they want to be seen. I always do my best to be loyal to that, I love that moment’.