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Art is the Perfect Retirement or Leaving Gift

Featured Image: Poujol Plum by Bairbre Duggan – oil on canvas – to see more, Click HERE

Art really can make the perfect Retirement or Leaving Gift.

When it comes to a valued work colleague leaving the office, or a long-standing Board Member retiring, original art is such a gorgeous and meaningful gift to give.  Not only is it of high quality, but it is unique and original; something that has been created with much thought, time, and energy, and will serve to remind the person of their time with your company and of how highly though of they were amongst their colleagues.

Not only are you presenting them with something that shows you have put thought and consideration into this particular gift, but just how much you valued them. You will be safe in the knowledge that this piece of work will become a lovely addition to their home, to their family legacy collection and will ultimately become an important talking point for them in years to come, reminding them of the colleagues who thought to present it to them.

Kilbaha Gallery is a small but beautifully formed family business, representing up to 50 professional contemporary artists from around Ireland. They also have a bronze foundry on site. The gallery has been operating successfully for 8 years now, having built a strong client base in Ireland and from all around the world, but the Connolly family have been involved in art in Kilbaha for over 50 years. You can view their online gallery HERE