The Alluring Nature of a Still Life …

Its just an object …. often a normal item we mostly see every day. Why is that this object becomes suddenly so alluring as a still life subject matter? Is it the fact that it tells its own story? That the story itself eludes us and we have to rewrite it in our own heads? Is it because it’s so beautifully achieved with fine and careful brush strokes – and its the lure of someone so talented that they can recreate something so ultra realistically that it becomes fascinating to us? Maybe its the fact that the artist has found something so fascinating about something so inanimate that we too become fascinated? The light, the shade, the colouring, the placement ….

Anyway, its inexplicable – but we love it.

Still Life paintings are perhaps the most timeless of all – and those that are carefully composed can also give a glimpse into the era in which they were painted. When executed well, still life paintings (or studies) can also be incredibly investable, as they can represent an artist showing their technical ability.

Pictured: Adam Pomeroy – The Apple. €600 – fine art oil on canvas framed.
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