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In this piece entitled ‘Coladh Sámh’ (translates from Gaelic as ‘Sleep Tight’ ) Brennan has worked with limestone, some of which he has left raw, natural and textured and the body of which he has highly polished for a very smooth and tactile effect. The contradiction of a bed of stone being comfortable or even remotely lending itself to a ‘good nights sleep’ doesn’t go unnoticed here – and yet it works.

Not overly large, the piece weighs in at approx 5kg and makes a beautiful statement wherever it is placed.

The truly extraordinary thing about sculpting in stone is that its almost as though there is a piece within, waiting to escape at the hands of someone like sculptor and stone mason, Tommy Brennan. Unlike sculpting a piece in clay, where you are adding until you are happy with the result, in stonework, you are always taking away, all the time, chipping away at it, piece by piece, until the statue, as it is meant to be, emerges fully from the block of stone.  One wayward chip and your statue can take on a new direction – for good or for bad.
Stonework like this is truly one of the closest physical connections you could have to the sculptor who has worked so tirelessly hard on it.

Corporate Collection – Stonework – Stonemason – Sculptor – Tommy Brennan Art 

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