Ruth Wood - Exclusive Pen & Inks

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Ruth Wood - Exclusive Pen & Inks

Highly Collectable: This is an exclusive collection of drawings that Ruth Wood has created especially for the discerning art buyers and collectors of Kilbaha Gallery. These beautiful drawings are original works (no prints of the same) and thus are highly collectable. Ruth is one Ireland’s most talented and recognisable contemporary Pen & Ink artists. Her work is highly sought after.

Artists Statement:
The art of pen and ink drawing is one of the oldest practices used to record the visual world.
The use of a fine line to delineate form keeps me actively disciplined, while also grounded my practice in the fine art tradition of observational drawing.
In my drawings I examine the structure of form and how best to express its nature, through the process of layering line upon line. The awareness of negative space is key to my work- what to leave out is as important as the intricate line work. My focus from the detail to the overview is a constant challenge. It is a good day when I achieve that balance.
Each completed drawing articulates a deepened visual understanding of a particular building, wall or natural structure within my work. My aim is to express the character of a geographic location. It is magical for me when my work connects with the viewer’s own unique sense of place.
When I have resolved the compositional and structural concerns of my drawings, the application of a watercolour wash completes the image. This adds an emotional charge and counters the starkness of the black and white work.

About the Winter Collection 2020:
In this series of paintings, I explore the west Clare landmarks of Georges Head, the Pollock holes, the west End and the Pier of Kilkee.

With the second lockdown, my Creative Facilitation work came to an abrupt end. Luckily, as a painter I have the pleasure of living in a geographical locality that is the gift that keeps on giving.

Like many people, I swim most days during the summer months. This year I enjoyed exploring the third Pollock hole, one of the three natural tidal swimming pools in this area. Snorkelling here, in the bright sunshine is one of my most pleasant memories of summer 2020. I aim to capture that experience in the paintings here.

The movement of the shadows on Georges head becomes a visual challenge to illustrate with pen and colour. My most recent work explores how the weather, the season and even the time of day effects the look of buildings and rock formations in this part of the Wild Atlantic Way.

About the Summer Collection:
” I had been working on a number of drawings inspired by my cycling/walking trips around the locality of Kilkee. The limitation of distance due to the Covid 19 pandemic has enabled me to look more closely at my neighbourhood. I have revisited images in my sketch pad and have had the time to complete them.  My new work is inspired by familiar motifs from different perspectives”

 Artists Bio:
Originally from Killaloe, Ruth has lived between West Clare and Limerick for the last ten years and has regularly exhibited around the country.

Ruth has maintained a loyal clientele for her original artworks and has become very well known indeed for her Limited Edition Pen & Ink & Watercolour Prints, which represent the more traditional aspect of her artistic practice.

This work is inspired by the subtle changes in the rural landscape of the West Clare peninusula.

Through these gorgeous pen & Inks & watercolours, Ruth captures the poignant and nostalgic element of rural Ireland – from the beauty of small towns and villages, to it’s crumbling old ruins and its historic landmarks.

Ruth’s work is hugely popular with people who want to capture a moment or place in time.