Sweatshirts - Breaking the Mould

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Sweatshirts - Breaking the Mould

Kilbaha Gallery Sweatshirts breaking the mould

– Breaking the Mould –

In the art world, ‘Breaking the Mould’ is about being original – this is also a great rule to live by.

This 80% cotton sweatshirt, from Kilbaha Gallery, is simple and stylish and is part of a limited edition range – featuring an exclusively designed emblem, by sculptor Seamus Connolly.

Art Posters can become quite the collectable item, especially if they are signed, limited and gallery authenticated (like these!).
We are really, excited to bring you this unique opportunity to own a signed and limited-edition ART POSTER, authenticated with a gallery stamp, by our curators at Kilbaha Gallery.

Seamus Connolly, is one of Ireland’s LEADING portrait sculptors.  This current range of posters include high quality imagery of his work and rare glimpses into his studio. Such a cool and interesting addition to your collection.

Limited-Edition, Art Posters are a super exciting way to grow and add diversity and intrigue to your personal art collection (and they look GREAT in your home or office or Den)

Art Collectors regularly seek out limited edition ART POSTERS, but especially ones with unique provenance, just like these!