Dympna Bonfield - For the Refugees in Crisis

Dympna Bonfield - For the Refugees in Crisis

Sr Dympna Bonfield is a hugely competent and collectable artist – and also an extraordinary human being who donates the proceeds from these works to help refugees in trouble. We are happy in Kilbaha Gallery to be waiving our commission in an effort to help Sr Dympna in her mission to help.

Sr Dympna says of her work …..

“For the past 10yrs through the sale of my paintings I have been supporting work for Refugees.   In the past 5 yrs the proceeds have gone to support a language Centre  in Chios Greece.

In recent times the situation for all Refugees has got so much worse and the needs are greater than ever.

Through the sale of these paintings in the Kilbaha Gallery we hope to continue to alleviate some of the horror “.